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True Stereo Plasma Visor

To fully appreciate the SPV Visor you need a Driver that can hit all the gears correctly and the New S Driver is the answer!

Running Dual Independent frequency generators that range from 0 > 150 KHz, the S covers all of the Bio frequencies and a good section of the usable Rife spectrum for True Stereo operation.

Similar to the M Drivers, each Plasma channel can be switched on or off and each frequency has adjustable power.


You already know where you want to go so why not pack for the journey?

The S Driver takes the MindScape concept way out with (2) completely separate tint controls for both the Visor & the Driver. As with the M Driver, the Driver Series all feature dual Plasma tubes so the Driver alone can be used for desk top operation.

With the added Color Pac, we supply (4) colors of Hi Refraction plastic so when you use the Visor you can color your landscape which is perfect for open eye meditation in the 8+ Hz bands.

For the Driver itself we supply a smaller set of Hi R plastic but we also include a set of (6) simple color films for added variety.  The films and plastic strips can combine to make custom colors and patterns and of course you can add your own to the mix.

The cherry on the top is literally using the plastic outside of the rear slot and directly on top of the driver - the Hi Refractive effect really stands out as the prime color streams out the edges.

Lastly, no Adventure would be complete without full Freedom! So really make use of the 10 Hr. battery already supplied, we added a solar cell to charge the battery pac if you want to go fully un-wired into the Wilderness.

The Stereo Visor offers a Fast Track into Meditation using entrainment.

The Visor/ Driver is used to greatly simplify the art of deep Meditation and moving onto other Mind & Body events like Astral projection and OBE. The Visor uses entrainment to persuade the brain to function at a certain frequency set by the user – the most common use of entrainment is in music where the beat sets the rhythm. Most people starting out will choose before bedtime or early morning for meditation. Using the visor at 8 Hz and lowest power setting, 8 Hz is the Metronome of the Earth - the Schumann Resonance. Users start at ~ 10 > 30 minute and move to other frequencies or frequency combo’s as they get practice.


True Stereo!

A really Unique feature is the ability to run both Plasma at different frequencies. A lot of people use 4 Hz > 12 Hz as a starting meditation frequency, with the S Driver you can run both at the same time with fully adjustable frequency and intensity!

The effects are very predictable, the eyes can be open or closed and at 8 Hz the flashing will merge into 1 single image of color at which the user can start to imagine an object and as experience builds, they can build images that are fully color – 3-D and full motion. From there experienced users build an environment from which they can travel into other experiences.



SPV & MDRV Travel Packages!



The Stereo Plasma Visor/ SPV is a head mounted visor with a lot of Tech.

Designed to train & facilitate the Mind/ Body melding using

Visual, Magnetic and Electric Field stimulation together.

Unique View-Thru design allows easy 'Open Eye' approach to

40 Hz ALZ entrainment &  for deep Meditation/ Schumann Resonance

Pre-set 40 Hz is a click away for easy Alzheimer's research. User choice of pre-set frequency

In the Visor, we use Blue as the top plasma & Green as the lower tube.


Unlike LED displays, the SPV generates both strong Visual colors &

E fields from the Plasma that easily radiate thru the upper body region,

Magnetic & color filter options are available.

> Dual 15cm Plasma tubes mounted in Visor

> Matching Plasma tubes mounted in the MDRV

> Multi-mode operation - single or dual tube operation

> Stereo Plasma - each Visor and (S) Driver Plasma has separate frequency input.

We use  Cold Cathode Plasma tubes for extended Lifespan in Blue & Green.


The MDRV is a simple to use SPV Driver with impressive features!

Featuring (2) 6"/ 15cm Plasma tubes - Blue & Green.

> Select between single Tube either color or both Tubes On.

​> Built in 10 hour battery for Complete Freedom of Experience.

Perfect for out & away privacy in Nature!

​> Factory pre-set frequency of your choice from 1 > 150 KHz.

8 Hz or 40 Hz is a simple switch!

Complete control over SPV operation. Transfers the Plasma settings on the MDRV directly into the Visor

> Simple toggle switch operation. All settings saved on power off.

The MDRV is a Great Simple to use driver for exploring current Alzheimer's research around the 40 Hz & related frequencies.

The adjustable frequency generator is perfect for searching around the low end Brain waves from 0 > 150 Hz  The adjustable intensity of the pulses are Excellent for deep meditation around the Schumann Resonance.



Take a turn on the S Drive & the  MindScape

True Stereo dual independent channels of Color & Light!

Full color tints for Visor & Driver.

Dual 0 > 150 KHz frequency W/ adj. power.

10 Hr battery & Solar recharge panel - no wires!

Perfect Travel Companion for those 'between the pages'

Full Performance for any Stereo Entrainment environments.

The Program


The Human body is an incredibly complex system. The Brain is like a castle - isolated and protected from the surrounding body but in control.

Is there a backdoor into the castle? A fast hack into the Master Program?

Entrainment offers some shortcuts to the codex.

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