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TRI STAR Scout Plasma Driver

Full features in Easy to use design

The Tri Star Scout is Proudly Made in the U S A     

The Scout is an Ideal full function but low-cost path to start investigating Rife & custom based frequencies using different pulsed Energies.



- (1) PLASMA EMITTER - 6"/ 15cm  -  in your choice of colors - Red/ Blue/ Green & White

- Complete Static charging package  --  (2) static transfer films and (1) copper handhold



- The Scout features an on-board frequency generator of 0 > 150 KHz

- adjustable pulse power & last frequency is saved in memory

- run ANY Frequency Program!  simple External input from computer/ laptop/ cell phone or Bluetooth for full versatility!


Great for exploring the RIFE bands & the various Zapper frequencies using different Plasma & Electrostatic field combos.

Perfect for Deep Meditation and Astral studies, the Scout has fully adjustable power at the low-end Bio frequencies of the Theta/ Alpha & Gamma bands for Superior Brainwave Entrainment with Electrostatic Field assist.

Common uses for the Scout Systems

For RIFE & Zapper studies they place the Plasma or the static transfer films directly in contact with the skin.

People use the Plasma differently depending on what they want to do. For meditation/ MIT - 40 Hz - ALZ, you would look/ concentrate/ meditate on the plasma at several feet away like on a desk top. White or Blue Plasma is commonly used.

For overall Body Energy, people like to use the Green Plasma.

For skin issues they place the plasma directly on the skin - red is very common for photo-stimulation of skin cells.

----Simple Operation!

Super easy operation of only (2) toggle switches: ON/ OFF switch and selector for on-board or External frequency input.

On-board frequency generator has simple push button adjustment of frequency & duty % (power level).


> We ship Blue Plasma with each order unless customer asks for different color

Choosing a color: There is a big difference between the (4) colors we offer - BLUE is perfect for Meditation and calm, the GREEN is intense and popular for Energy programs and Red is usually used for skin and sub-muscle treatments especially for capillary expansion and White is used for 40 Hz/ Alzheimer's studies.

> turn unit Off before changing accessories

General Use: We suggest 30 minutes - 1 hr. of use based on general data. Refer to software provider for additional details.

CAUTION! High Voltage Static Electricity in use - static shock is possible if used improperly. People with Epilepsy/ Pacemakers Do Not use these systems!    

Sold for Adult Entertainment use only -- No Health benefits are implied thru use

We Pride ourselves in helping our customers on a person to person basis

WARRANTIES: There are no user serviceable parts on the Scout Series. If the unit fails within the 6-month warranty, Earth Glows will either refund the full amount of the purchase cost after the return unit has been shipped or we will repair/ exchange the unit within 24 hrs of return of the defective unit. The Plasma tubes do Not carry any warranty except that they are shipped fully working. Plasma tubes damaged in shipping will be replaced free of charge but user must notify the Company within 24 hrs of receipt of the damaged unit.  

 SCOUT package contains:

(1) SCOUT Driver

(1) Plasma - Each package includes (1) 15cm/ 6" Blue Plasma. Please contact seller for different Plasma colors: Blue, Green, White & Red.

(2) Static Transfer films & (1) Handhold

(1) 12v plug in wall power supply

 (1) Operator's Manual           

Plasma tubes are Very delicate and like any glass bulb they will break if dropped or bent so you must Always be very careful with them and literally treat them as glass - which is what they are!

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