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Manuals & Operation

Warning! All Tri Star Systems that drive Plasma use High Voltage Electrostatic pulses of micro-ampere current. These pulses are similar to a strong static shock from walking across a rug in winter.

>> Never touch or connect/ disconnect from an output jack while the unit is on. You WILL GET A SHOCK <<

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Differences between the XL Series and the Rogue/ #'s

#1 Difference

The R (VI & VII +) use PULSED SPIKES that are very short duration - each trigger pulse generates a HV Static spike of several KV DC energy. This energy pulse is transformed by the Accessories into the different Energy types of Magnetics - Plasma/ Photon - Static (Electromotive Energy). 

Caution:  Rogue output can exceed 6,000 volts DC! 

Rogue Design provides researchers and hobbyists a platform to compare the effects of the

different energy types across a useable frequency/ FQ range.

Apples to Oranges so to speak.

The Mag XL family uses high current @ low voltage (12 volts) in pulses that match the inductance of the MagStrobe product line. The Mag XL actually produces useable/ measurable magnetic flux at 1.6 MHz.

The Plasma XL Systems use a local oscillator circuit to produce a Zapper/ ~30 KHz source of 2 > 3 KV DC.

This 'base' Zapper FQ is pulsed/ chopped into ~ equal On/ Off pulses or ~ 45/ 50 % Duty cycle.

These pulses appear as constant 'On' at ~ 50 > 60 Hz ^ - but the pulses remain discrete single pulses.

Plasma XL's will pulse usable FQ of > 50 KHz and then roll-off.   

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> In this section we cover the start-up and operating steps for the Tri Star Systems.


1) connect/ insert accessories into the unit that you want to use.

2) set the controls to far Left turn/ Counterclockwise).

3) turn main control knob right (1) click

Fans will start on units that have them

Displays will light in 1 second

What Happens Next: XL Plasma units will flash immediately

XL Mag units will be have detectable output

Tri Star number units and Rogue Series

will produce a hum 10 HZ > 5 KHz

Plasma will start ~ 1 KHz (noticeable to the eye)

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General Steps:  

Duration of use: Most treatments are in the 30 minute range of all of the energy types.

This is the most reported duration for the magnetics for pain around 100 & 528 Hz

Plasma & Static are used for mental and physical energizing and RIFE type testing

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Frequency Displays: Analog & Digital

Currently only the Rogue VII units and above use Digital frequency generators

All previous Systems use Analogue generators  that will drift when first turned on.

The system will settle as it warms, usually after 5 minutes including the accessories.

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> All Tri Star Systems use conventional solid state rules such as

current/ electron flow is from Negative/ Black to Positive/ Red polarities. 

It is Important to observe polarity!

This is critical when using Mags to get the right spiral direction

and whether you contract or expand the magnetic field.

It is critical when you are using multiple ACC.

Plasma Ignition: Tri Star Systems XL & R use High Voltage pulses to ignite the Plasma.

For single tubes this is ~ 1,000 volts DC, dual tubes ~ 2,000 + VDC 

Dual Connections: The most common ACC dual is Plasma and Mags together.

> The MagStrobe Black plug inserts into the center Black jack

and the Red plug inserts into the #1 Red jack

> the Plasma connects between the (2) rear jacks.

> Always follow polarity on Plasma - the energy pulses are Direct Current

that means directional Energy in ALL of the ACC including the films 

>  PlasMags always follow Red/ Red and Black/ Black for outward spiral and plasma direction.

Plasma is basically a Zener diode type device, once you hit the

ignition voltage the gas conducts completely and generates the Plasma.

When you add Mags you want the Mag Before the Plasma

so it 'sees' the primary current flow -

think NPN transistor circuit with the Plasma as the transistor.

> Static Films: A Mag will charge up to the Plasma ignition voltage and transfer that

Static pulse along with the magnetic pulse to the body when the Plasma fires.

Earth Glows has a variety of Static films and direct transfer accessories to use with our systems.

Due to shock hazards we offer these only to qualified individuals.

> Caution: You can use the Static films with any Earth Glows System that will drive Plasma.

You can charge your body to several thousands of volts and pulse with a magnetic or Plasma energy Pulse.

Plasma is a Negative resistance and consumes electron flow -

you want your work device Before the Plasma for most power

Dual Plasma are best run on the Plasma XL as it has the low end power and constant ON.

Multiple Accessories/ ACC:

All Tri Star Systems can run multiple ACC at the same time but only

Rogue and numbered systems VI, VII are ported for multiple ACC at the same time

These Systems have (4) output jacks, (2) Red and (2) Black

Rogue and #'s are  designed so that the outer (2) jacks are common - electrically connected. The (2) ACC run in series - not parallel. So when you connect (2) ACC to the unit, they are connected electrically in series

Single ACC operation - use the Center Red/ Black output jacks. For dual ACC plug the first ACC into the first (2) jacks and second ACC into the rear (2) jacks. 

The XL Series (Mag & Plasma) are specifically designed to run either Plasma or Magnetics at low end FQ but they can run different and/ or multiple ACC with the correct connectors - contact the company for details.

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ACCESSORIES: Earth Glows offers a wide range of different accessories for the Tri Star Systems based on the energy types the user wants.  In some cases an accessory will emit several types of energy at the same time like Plasma which emits photons as visual light and an electrostatic field because the voltage pulse has to reach Kilovolt levels to fire the Plasma.

Some accessories will work across different systems and some will only work on specific units.

Remember: Bio's are Not Exact Frequency Systems

We use ranges like heart rate, blood pressure and brain waves

Tech Details will follow in subsections - under work


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