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Breaking News from Cambridge University

Very recently released report from Cambridge University/ UK follows the development of Tau proteins in the Human brain over extended periods. The Tau and Beta amyloid proteins are believed to possibly cause ALZ, Parkinson's and related neurological disorders. This follows and supports the MIT/ Cognito Therapeutics development of a device to treat ALZ, now in final Phase III FDA approval. The Cognito Phase II showed an 84% reduction in the progression of ALZ, Phase III is expected by years end and then commercialization will open.

40 Hz – New Frontiers

Lately there seems to be a major change taking place in how researchers are viewing the Mind & Body relationship. When researchers at MIT released their results from the 40 Hz visual stimulation of mice and amyloid plaque, they stared a Tsunami in pulsed brain stimulation research.

To many observers, this seemed to be a confirmation of cause and effect between the brain and the body. Since then, mounting evidence is showing specific patterns between frequencies around the 40 Hz marker and individual lines of cytokines – which also play a role in the Covid virus.

Without the relationship with Alzheimer’s & amyloid B plaque, the 40 Hz effect may have become backstream science but instead we are facing a whole New World of Mind & Body existence.

It appears that you can cause specific Bio changes by having the brain concentrate at frequencies like 40 Hz and the Schumann Resonance of 7.8 Hz. The process uses a well-known effect called entrainment and unlike conventional meditation is based on frequency, duration, and pattern. Entrainment is similar to biofeedback training but much faster and with accurate frequency.

Adding audio with the visual patterns increases the effects on the plaque significantly.

At Earth Glows we endeavored to build a head mounted device that can provide cerebral stimulation in the visual, electric field and magnetic ranges and we produced the SPV Series. We designed the SPV to use different Drivers depending upon the type and frequency range of the research.

The SPV has several Unique design features that really standout in the performance area. First, the ‘ViewThru’ is a major plus  for exploring the  40 Hz range or any experiments that require open eyes for maximum light intensity, alpha waves are predominantly an ‘eyes closed’. With the ViewThru you can go about your day with little inconvenience and still get the effects of full attention without the killing boredom. You actually have a pretty large view thru the visor and the plasma tubes just become background.

The other really nice feature is the use of color. Originally any brain training involved black & white but not color. Humans are color vision animals and to us Black/ White is night/ sleep while color is daylight and active. If you want a person’s attention, then you use color.

We suggest blue as the upper plasma and green as the lower light, blue signifies the sky and the green is the Earth. These 2 colors combine into a sort of sky/ earth view with the white or open space in between. Adding the colored plastic tints really changes the playground – it is almost like adding flavor to your vision and it works with the visor open or closed.    

What is Brain Wave Entrainment?

Brain wave entrainment is as old as Humans and is what we also call music. Certain rhythms using different instruments and sound can cause large groups of humans to become as one and experience shared emotions across the scale of human feelings from love to hate. Entrainment is also part of physical motions like Dance or marching – individuals can act together into larger groups if they are trained.

Brainwaves were first demonstrated in rabbits and monkeys in 1875 and first in humans in 1924. The first Bio Feedback machines were sold in the early 1970’s. I owned one of the earliest Alpha Theta Trainers from Edmund Scientific in the 70’s ($130) that used a flashing LED and an audio beep.

The Stereo Plasma Visor enables a user to achieve in weeks what took me several years using my EEG based brainwave trainer. Numerous studies show that an experienced user can ‘entrain’ onto specific frequencies in just seconds.

While we have long known the traits of the different frequency bands like Alpha from Gamma and patterns of disease like epilepsy, only very recently there has developed significant discoveries involving brain waves. not until the MIT report of several years ago that specified a direct link between 40 Hz flashing light and amyloid B plaque in mice was there established that entrainment caused effects in mammals.

Since that time other significant reports have surfaced, a report last year directly linked the levels of different cytokines in humans to different frequencies of varying duration and further research shows that audio sounds at the same frequency also have an increased effect on the amyloid plaque levels.

The Bigger Picture

Basically, at this Time we start to Realize that we can easily affect our bodies by exposing our brains to specific frequencies of different stimulation specifically to alter our chemistry. So where does that put us in the 21st century?

150 years ago, only a very small number of humans were exposed to electromagnetic fields with the exception of the Global Schumann Resonance (AC) and the Global atmospheric Electric field (DC). The first cell tower was built in 1977 and about that time most humans started living in an ocean of electromagnetic radiations ranging from simple pulsed electric fields to the Giga Hertz range.   

At Earth Glows, we know that you cannot filter out the noise in any practical form, but we feel there is a need for a process that enables a person to overcome the noise by selectively re-enforcing positive waveforms. We know this works as in meditation and now it becomes a measurable effect on our chemistry.

SPV – A Playscape for your Mind & Body

We developed the Stereo Plasma Visor to explore how far we can go in expanding our Mind & Body links.

Brain entrainment using the SPV Series falls into 2 general areas, one very old and the other very new.

Meditation is the oldest and by far the largest area of interest and the SPV brings a whole New level of possible achievement by combining all known effects that stimulate the brain together in one simple – compact and portable system.

These elements combine to create what we call a PlayScape for your Mind. Here you can create the environment that you want to travel into and extend into more complete interface with your body.

We supply you with the different tools: Pulsed PEMF, PEF, Visual and audio stimulation. And the Props to create different Environments: Unique TINTED ‘Thru View’ vision & reflective and white backgrounds.  


There is little comparison between EEG feedback and direct entrainment for Meditation; with EEG you are fishing around, and entrainment is a light switch – you can feel yourself drop into your chosen frequency in seconds after you spend some effort in training.

Meditation is why we developed the PlayScape concept in the SPV.

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