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How fast can we go?

nsPEF is a very interesting field of Bio research!

nsPEF is the logical extension of Rife Technology, the Technology of pulsed Energy fields. Rife was circa late 1920's and was basically AM radio with frequencies in the lower end of the MHz range.

Most of the Rife/ FDA/ Pharma battles among equipment providers like Earth Glows has traditionally been in this EMF range, actual hard Tech for cancer has been doing Very Well Thank You! at the higher frequencies.

NanoKnife and NovaCure are 2 Technologies based on pulsed EM fields but are very different types of operation - but effective on cancers.

nsPEF has a 100% solid history in medical use. The basic use was at lower frequencies (<100 KHz) and is known as 'electroporation'. For reasons pulsed EMF will cause pores to open on the walls of cells. Cancer cells seem to be more effected by this, as are fat cells. Electro-poration is a common method for inserting cancer treatments into cells.

Well it turns out that as you go way high in FQ - up in the Giga/ GHz ranges this pulsed Energies becomes very good at killing cancer. 1 Giga Hertz is 1 Nanosecond in pulse duration and so the ns in nsPEF.

Now they know that using kilovolt Energy pulses will really trash cancer especially on tests with Melanoma. However, producing KV level nanosecond pulses is not simple. For example, you can't use wires - you have to use straps & coax cable to get anywhere. We've built those drivers for 45+ years for pulsed TEA gas lasers.

The New nsDrivers run from the META channel of the RPM and Rogue 7 devices.

They are designed for Plasma and electrostatic (KV) operation in the 4 > 10  nanosecond range or 100 > 250 MHz range.

Oh, and Yes we have sub-nsPEF in dual channel Drivers!  Our switch gaps have a hard deck on the short end FQ. That's tight jitter in the sub-nano range, so they work really well when you drive them in a heterodyne configuration.

More is coming--

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