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Complete Visor & Driver package!

The SPV is a head mounted visor with a lot of Tech. Designed to train & facilitate the Mind/ Body melding using Visual, Magnetic and Electric Field stimulation together.

Unique View-Thru design allows easy 'Open Eye' approach to 40 Hz ALZ entrainment & colored filters add flavor.

Designed especially for deep Meditation/ Schumann Resonance, enhanced 40 Hz for Alzheimer's research and wide range (0 > 150 KHz) for low & mid range RIFE studies & Bacterial studies.

Unlike simple LED displays, the SPV generates both strong Visual colors and E fields from the Plasma that easily radiate thru the upper body region, Magnetic options are available.


Dual 6"/ 15cm Plasma tubes mounted in visor

Blue & green Plasma supplied - options available.

Multi-mode operation - single or dual tube operation

Simple toggle switches between pre-set & adjustable frequencies

High Intensity color filters - Red, Orange, Green for Visor or Driver


Just the basics to get started

Visor's are popping up & many more are coming very soon.

A "Visor" is a Brainwave Entrainment device & currently has 2 main uses, one old and the other very recent.

Visors use light pulses to enhance brain waves in specific bands like Alpha, Beta and Gamma bands.

The oldest use is for an aid to deep meditation in the Theta (3-9 Hz) & Alpha (8-12 Hz) for Astral & OBE.

The 8 Hz is the most common starting frequency for deep meditation and is also the Earth's heartbeat, the Schumann Resonance which is a World Wide frequency caused by lightening across the Planet.

The recent excitement is over the MIT results of several years back that 40 Hz light pulses seemed to reduce plaque in the brain which is associated with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and related neurological issues. The MIT device has evolved into a FDA Phase III device with expected release in the near future. Research by other Labs have shown effects of specific frequencies & patterns on select cytokines.

Visors represent actual effects on Brain chemistry using simple light & sound pulses.

Electronic Medicines

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