Complete Visor & Driver package!

The SPV is a head mounted visor with a lot of Tech. Designed to train & facilitate the Mind/ Body melding using Visual, Magnetic and Electric Field stimulation together.

Unique View-Thru design allows easy 'Open Eye' approach to 40 Hz ALZ entrainment & colored filters add flavor.

Designed especially for deep Meditation/ Schumann Resonance, enhanced 40 Hz for Alzheimer's research and wide range (0 > 150 KHz) for low & mid range RIFE studies & Bacterial studies.

Unlike simple LED displays, the SPV generates both strong Visual colors and E fields from the Plasma that easily radiate thru the upper body region, Magnetic options are available.


Dual 6"/ 15cm Plasma tubes mounted in visor

Blue & green Plasma supplied - options available.

Multi-mode operation - single or dual tube operation

Simple toggle switches between pre-set & adjustable frequencies

High Intensity color filters - Red, Orange, Green for Visor or Driver