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nsPEF Technology comes of Age!

NanoStrobe Systems:

NanoStrobe III basic Start Up and Operating.

The NanoStrobe III units run off the output jacks of the Rogue 7 and the META channel of the RPM’s.

How they work:

NanoStrobe Systems use a special design low inductance sparkgap to hold off and discharge Kilovolt Energies in very short pulses of less than 4 nanosecond in slope discharge.

These are electrostatic/ Static Energies of very low current - < 5 Microampere per pulse energy.

Electrostatic vs Plasma and Magnetic Energies:

Electrostatic Energy fields are very different from either Plasma or Magnetics. Magnetics are very useful with a well reported history of effective uses and Plasma also has many Worlds of proven effects but ES/ Electrostatic is a different animal.

First, Magnetics are very effective, but also very short range. Even well-designed magnetic emitters have very short ranges of operation. Plasma has a longer range of effects as it provides a visual input but the plasma energies themselves are also short range.

ES is very different and offers complete body charging which is difficult for the other 2 types to achieve. This is because the ES travels across the surface and thru the tissues and causes the tissues to ‘charge up’ to several KVDC. This charge stays on the body until the charge seeps off or is discharged.  This also has a stored charge potential, but this is very low value/ low current/ ampere value.

When the device breaks over/ discharges this stored voltage field drops extremely fast across the entire body surface so when you pulse with a Nano device – you are causing KV energy pulses across and thru your body.

>> You will know when this field is ON <<

REMEMBER: The NanoStrobe III is an open frequency device – it does not operate by any specific pulse rate. The device operates solely by the virtue of the Nanosecond duration pulse and the Kilovolt static field – not by how many pulses per second it operates at.

Caution!  Static Shock is Present whenever the system is ON

While the current is almost zero and voltage only a few KV, the superfast Nano pulse produces a Shock Hazard that is very real. You WILL GET HIT and then you will remember to be more careful next time! Always turn the unit off and wait several seconds before making connections.

Stay away from any metal surfaces when operating this system – Remember that you have static charge on your body for several seconds after the system is off.

These devices will cause malfunctions in most electronic systems especially computers as they also operate on nanosecond electronics – the computer will ‘read’ the pulses as keyboard inputs or plug-ins and lock-up requiring a re-start.

Separating the Nano device from other electronics will reduce those problems – we suggest extension cables and several meters, or more is common.

>>> No Pacemakers anywhere near this System when in operation <<<


Insert the input plugs into the corresponding color of output jacks.

Set ‘DUTY’ to Zero

Set ‘Frequency’ to ~ 25 KHZ

NOTE: you adjust the pulse rate by adjusting the ‘DUTY’ upto ~ 50%


Plug the Medium Transfer films into the output jacks of the Nano

Place the films loosely over each other

Turn the R 7/ RPM unit ON

Next turn the NanoStrobe III ON

>> Adjust the DUTY from ZERO slowly – you should clearly hear the sparkgap discharge slowly at first and then faster as the DUTY goes up to 50% - the discharge sounds like hissing sounds.

> the films should also be twitching with each pulse

Turn the Driver OFF (R 7 or RPM)

Next separate the 2 films by several inches and place a cloth towel over 1 of the films

Turn the unit back ON and place a hand on the cloth and CAREFULLY & SLOWLY move your other hand towards the other uncovered film.

You will start to feel the pulses and the hissing sound (the discharge) will slow down and you will start to feel the pulses as a tingling sensation.


The R 7 and RPM units have a lot of power as they are designed to drive large area films across multiple bodies at the same time so when using small films always start out with the cloth and work from there.

>> The ‘hissing’ sound slows down as you make more contact with the films because you are drawing energy into your body and so the sparkgap charges more slowly as you increase the contact capacitance between the films and your body.

Power UP!

OK – let’s add the juice!

Using separate films-

People use the films to locate Energy and polarity across different parts of the body. For example, people will place the films on either side of a knee or hand for pain or across the abdomen/ stomach area, you should avoid placing films directly over the heart area.

Another location is over Chakra points like the throat/ back of neck and the lower calves/ feet to cause a full body energy flow.

Probably the most popular is adding friends to the circuit. You can charge more than 1 person by having each one place a film directly on their skin and then try holding hands or other parts of the body in direct contact. Just make sure you test for shock value first before getting too involved – this is particularly popular among people having intimate contact with others.

Using the Matrix films-

The Matrix films generate crossed polarity Energies over a small body area. They have a reduced chance of shock and the small Matrix films are based on nsPEF cancer devices while the large Matrix films offer larger area coverage.


First for most people is a tranquil feeling that can result in sleep. People using the RPM’s set at ½ hour ON time often start with a nap and then move on. Most people use ½ > 1-hour operation.

Meditation, especially group meditation with people joined together can get very interesting.

Plasma – you can add Plasma to the films so the Plasma pulses along with the films by simply plugging the plasma in series with one of the films using the female/ female banana jack connectors. If you place your hands/ body over enough of the films the Plasma will pulse with each pulse of the Nano films. Caution! Always test the set-up first for possible static shock. Another popular use is adding magnetics at specific frequencies like the Schumann Resonance using an RPM device. This also adds to the overall effect of the Nano’s.

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