Rogue VII Pulsar

This simple video shows plasma and magnetic accessories linked together and pulsing at the same time. Electrostatic readings on the Plasma and Gauss readings on the magnetics show consistent Energy pulses from 1 > 150 KHz. Single and dual ACC plug in pattern is also shown.



Rogue Drivers are designed to burn Plasma at usable power levels and frequencies but there are rules to follow for Best Use.


Single 12" tube will run the widest frequency range of ~ 100 Hz > over 300 KHz. Each tube has its own differences that affect the frequency range.

The Driver output stages have frequencies that generate more power for Plasma and at those power peaks we recommend that you adjust the duty cycle Down to reduce the Plasma power and extend tube life.

For single tube operation use the (2) center banana jacks.


For (2) single tubes use the first set of banana jacks for tube #1 and the rear set of jacks for tube #2.

For Dual tube sets use the center banana jacks.

NOTE: the #1 and #4 jacks are wired in series - Not parallel. This is for use with MagStrobes which have to run in Series with the Plasma.

Dual tube operation will reduce the operating frequency range but maximize the Plasma output power.


Blue for meditation and calm is the #1 color of choice followed by Green for Health and Spiritual wellness. This is the most popular color combo.

Red is widely used for surface stimulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.


Plasma tubes are Very delicate and like any glass bulb they will break if dropped or bent so you must Always be very careful with them and literally treat them as glass - which is what they are!



Rogue Drivers cover a wide frequency range so we use (2) different MagStrobes

Nano & Flux MagStrobes are Specially designed to cover the low end and the high end of the Rogue frequency range

Remember to Observe the Red/ Black connector polarity - All Tri Star Systems are Pulsed DC/ Direct current

> Do Not use the Nano and Flux Mags on XL Mag Drivers - they will burn out<


Nano Mags use a single layer Z Pinch design or '2 dimensional winding' to generate a large area magnetic field that has Magnetic polarity and spiral directionality. The magnetic field has a fairly flat power level across the usable frequency which can go into the high KHz range.


Flux Mags generate a high magnetic flux in a smaller area and have solid power peaks in single KHz ranges to provide a low end PEMF field


The Rogue VII is designed to run combos of Plasma & MagStrobes. The combo's are based on the frequency range you want to search.

For PEMF for physical structure like skeletal/ muscle - Red and the Flux Mag are the #1 choice.

For Bio effects like RIFE and cellular/ bacterial/ virus the real popular choice is Nano Mag & Blue Plasma and Green as #2 choice. 

Purple Plasma - we have recently added Purple Plasma emitters to our color options. Purple has the highest Photon energy of the colors. We like Purple as a High end RIFE combo with a Nano Mag to get an enhanced pulse effect with small Bio's like bacteria.


Remember all Tri Star systems are Pulsed Direct Current and you Always watch the polarity of the colored jack/ plug combinations when using magnetics.

When using magnetics always plug the MagStrobe Black plug into the Center/ Black  jack and the MagStrobe Red plug into the Outer/ Red jack.

To Reverse the spiral direction and Magnetic polarity, simply reverse the Magstrobe plugs - Do Not change the jacks on the  R 7 unit. 


Combo's of Magnetic & Plasma pulses working together open up several novel approaches.

The first effect & benefit is the Plasma generates a very sharp edged pulse thru the MagStrobes - especially thru the Nano Mags.

The Plasma charges to over 1,000 volts DC before it discharges and then conducts energy thru the MagStrobe. This produces a MHz spike before the total inductance of the MagStrobe  slows down the pulse edge.

This greatly amplifies any High Frequency pulse program. In Bioelectronics the faster the spike the greater the effect.



From Darkness into Light


The R 7 units ship withe following items:
(1) Rogue VII unit
(2) 12" Plasma tubes (choice of colors)
(1) Nano MagStrobe (High Frequency)
(1) Flux MagStrobe (High Magnetic)
(1) 5 AMP 12 volt power supply


The R 7's are designed for experienced users and experimenters - if you don't have a basic understanding of Bioelectronics and what you plan on using the unit for, you should purchase a different Tri Star system.

Please understand that we can tell you how to set-up and operate the systems - we Cannot tell you how to use them for your purpose due to Legal issues. These are Not Medical tools and are Not intended for medical uses.


Yes. We use magnetic and electrostatic pulses which are common in our world. The electrostatic pulses are microampere power levels and can give you a static shock like touching a door knob in  winter.


First - set yourself up where you will be using the system so you don't have to move around for ~ 1/2 hour which is the usual time people run the units.

Second - choose the accessory that you want to use and plug it into the center (2) banana jacks

Third - plug the power supply into an outlet and then into the R7 unit

Selector - the Selector switch is a (4) position switch.


ON - using Internal FQ generator

ON - using External FQ generator

ON - Co Balanced Mix of INT & EXT

Start - turn the unit ON and set the general frequency that you want to use

Frequency Settings -

Rouge VI units have (3) frequency bands and you adjust using the Coarse & Fine tuning knobs - system will settle down after warm-up of ~ 15 minutes.

Rouge VII use touch sensor for frequency and duty cycle/ pulse width

reducing duty cycle reduces output power

External Frequency input - 

R 6 & 7 units have internal circuits that limit the External input signal. We suggest you use an online frequency generator for single frequency and FreX 6 software for compound frequencies

Any standalone frequency generator will work with the Rogue Series 

For computers use a 3.5 mm stereo jack (male) and aN RCA phono jack (male) widely available.

For standalone generators use a BNC (male) into an RCA phono jack (male)   

We do Not recommend using smart phones due to possible static damage

Shutdown - turn the unit off - R 7's will retain the last settings of frequency and duty cycle