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Zero Point Energy/ ZPE and the RPM Series

The RPM Drivers Series, the ZPE MagStrobes and shortly the New ZPE PlasMags.

These systems are designed to effect both normal Space/ Time and ZPE affected environments.


> Stimulated Emission is what makes lasers lase <

Who we are:

Earth Glows LLC is a subsidiary of Andromeda Laser Grp – we built very large pulsed gas lasers for over 40 years using our own Technologies - US Patent #4,201,953 & others. We designed and built ZPE based Plasma devices that produced 100’s of Megawatts per pulse. We have been building ZPE based energy systems for 40+ years – we Know ZPE very well.

What is ZPE?

ZPE is like electricity a few hundred years ago, we know a little bit about it, and we have a long road to go. But it is everywhere thru all of us and we have known that for a long Time.

At Earth Glows we view ZPE as a catalyst that triggers energized matter. ZPE likely a Family of different types &d effects and we only see small parts, but we can work with what we know to search for information and uses.

We also believe that Rife and others like him have been brushing up against ZPE effects, they cannot explain some of their results and we believe those results to be ZPE related.  It is very common for cutting edge research to get ahead of the Physics & Theories and produce results that make no sense. We have to wait for better concepts and theories to understand our results.

ZPE interacts with Plasma. Photons cause Plasma to emit more photons (stimulated emission) so photons either have ZPE or interact with an existing ZPE field to cause stimulated photon emission.

Plasma has added advantages over solid state devices as they generate magnetic and static fields besides Photons, so the probability of ZPE interactions increases across multiple Energy types. 

To research and develop ZPE, we have designed and built the RPM devices to better explore this frontier.

Our goal with the RPM  Series is to offer the most complete toolbox for exploring the Effects of Energy fields on Humans using ZPE effects.

RPM  Systems are (2+) Channel - multiple Energy - Pulse Drivers designed to work with an accessory line of devices centered around Magnetic/ Plasma interactions. RPM’s use a Family of accessories that produce Magnetic/ Plasma/ Photon and Static fields with or without Plasma and use multiple Energy types at the same time at different frequencies, power levels and pulse configuration.

ZPE Accessories:

Our accessory line uses Magnetic and Plasma devices that can be run as ZPE or non-ZPE devices to easily compare results. They are also designed to run (2) different frequencies using different Energy types in the same device at the same time. You can run 4-6 KVDC pulses into Mag/ Plasma Emitters and also apply a High Voltage Static field to tissue across the whole body at both positive & negative polarity.

Our ZPE Magnets use the Tesla Bifilar or the Litz design to generate Energy fields that can interact with ZPE. We have different theories for each design, for example, we know that the Tesla Bifilar magnet Patent:

reduces circuit inductance but does not explore using higher voltages beyond what is needed to balance out the inductance. The formula: Joule = ½ C X V^ is the base formulae for all Pulsed Gas Lasers as it tells you how much Energy you are putting into the Plasma so you can compute how much you get out.

We also believe that higher Energy levels in the field will increase the ZPE results – the higher the Energy the more ZPE interaction. So, we like to use 4 > 6 KVDC in all of the devices as stored energy levels are increased by voltage squared, a little KV can go a long way to boosting energy which in turn should increase the ZPE effects.  

We recommend combining both Magnetics and Plasma together in the same device and also include High Voltage Static fields to the actual tissue using our well-established Transfer Films. Remember all outputs on The RPM’s are DC/ direct current pulses.

Going forward --

The Tri Star line is designed to be forward compatible with future systems and the RPM is no different. All past accessories will work with the RPM and future Models and most ZPE accessories will work with past Tri Star Drivers going back to the AuraGen products.

Remember: we don’t actually know what 97% of the Universe is made off – so let us proceed to explore!

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