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Tri Star MAG XL PEMF Systems

Tri Star Mag XL


The Tri Star Mag XL family offers High Power – High frequency Magnetic Pulsars that are centered on the PEMF band. Very versatile with both internal frequency generator & Ext signal input, the XL provides superior service at a low cost.


The XL family is based on PEMF frequency ranges as opposed to the Rogue VI which is designed for the higher frequencies generally considered as Rife. PEMF is much more Magnetic Energy based while Rife tends towards EMF in the RF ranges.


The Tri Star Mag XL Series is designed to drive both single Magnetic coils to large area pads for whole body use.


Optimized for very fast pulse rise time, Tri StarMag Drivers use the MagStrobe design of the spiral Z pinch windings for high speed concentrated Energy pulses unlike conventional magnetic pulsars that use very slow sine pulses.


Featured photo shows the Mag XL Pulsar driving a MagStrobe Flux  @ ~ 1000 Hz. The test meter shown is a TriField EMF meter Model TF2 and the field is reading just under .1 Gauss at  6” distance.


Why read at 6” away? The Human body is ~ 6” thick so by using 6” as a power level benchmark, we know that we can pulse at least that amount of Energy thru the body and of course the Gauss field strength increases dramatically as you get closer to the MagStrobe. The meter is at the Maximum limit of its range  –  it only reads ^ .1 Gauss and will blank out at full scale.


The M XL features a simple internal frequency generator of 1.2 > ~ 2.5 KHz and an EXT input that can pulse into the MHz ranges. As with all Tri Star Systems, different Energy Drivers can be connected together using the EXT signal input and we strongly suggest that people use EXT signal for the best results from variable frequency programs.


The most popular frequencies that customers use is 100Hz which is the common frequency of TENS devices and is popular for pain relief and the very popular band of 4 > 12 Hz for the Schumann Resonance which has been increasing of late but is considered around 7.83 Hz.


The Schumann frequency band is very popular because it is centered on the border of the Alpha & Theta brain wave frequencies and is considered a starting Portal for ESP and Astral research.

Complete Package!

The Tri Star Mag XL ships with everything you need to explore magnetic fields.

(1) Mag XL unit complete

(1) FluxMag Magnetic Pulsar

(1) wall power supply

(1) Basic start up manual

Price: $149 + shipping