RPM P2 - 2 Channel - 3 output ZPE Driver

RPM P2 - 2 Channel - 3 output ZPE Driver

The RPM Series is a (2) Channel Multi Energy Pulse Driver for Plasma, Magnetic, Static.


Designed to provide different Energy types at different frequencies from different inputs.


>The RPM Series is designed for the ZPE Plasma & Magnetic Energy systems.

The ZPE are Plasma & Magnetic devices that use Tesla/ Bifilar – Litz – and other Techs.


ZPE devices will drive from (2) separate Energy sources at once in the same device.

In the RPM’s they drive across both the META & BIO channels and BIO Plasma 2 output port.


The RPM Series uses Channels that run different Modules depending

upon the output frequency/ voltage & amperage required.


Currently, these Modules are:

META: ^6 KVDC > ~ 500 KHz, Microamp (RIFE – Plasma & Magnetic)

BIO: 12 VDC @ 1.6 MHz, 2 ampere (PEMF/ Astral – Magnetic) 

BIO P2: ^4 KVDC @ > 50 KHz, Base Pulse: ~ 29 KHz (Zapper)

 0 > 100% Duty cycle, Plasma & PlasMag Driver (PEMF/ Astral)


Each Channel has Timer & Frequency Generator

& (2) External inputs – amplified & Direct.


    The RPM P2 Series is a multi-input & multi-output Pulse Driver for research into  High Voltage/ Low Voltage - DC/ Pulsed EMF on the Human Condition.

    The RPM P@ comes complete with all the basics and includes (2) 12"/ 30 CM Plasma tubes - (color choice) and a Quad MagStrobe & a T MagStrobe as shown above.

    We strongly suggest that you contact the manufacturer before ordering to ensure that we can fully addrss your requirements.

    We Do Not suggest any medical effects from use of this device.

    Caution: this device uses pulsed electrostatic High Voltage/ Micro-amp and should NEVER be used by persons with epilepsy or Pacemakers.



    Contact factory for warranty for your actual order, packages differ and will carry different warranties.

    We offer refund or replacement at our choice if any Earth Glows System fails within warranty from product failure.


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