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Rife Technology - some Basics

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

With all the noise about Rife, I wanted to set out some basics of how we view things.

At Earth's Glow we consider Rife as basically PEMF but at a much higher frequency using RF as a carrier for full body penetration. We consider TENS to be Rife technology because of the very fast pulse modeling they use, magnetics not so much as they don't easily run high frequency and power together.

At Tri Star we use high voltage electrostatic pulses to achieve full body coverage without the RF issues.

The Rife Era when most of the ground work was done, was from late 1920's and into the 30's and the state of electronics back then was very crude. However, Rife had access to equipment that was capable of doing what he wanted to achieve but that's it - rotary phones were introduced in 1919 and lasers were 30 years away in 1960.

On the original Rife systems they used RF energy as the carrier to deliver the pulse program throughout the body, the actual RF frequency was not that important, it was just a radio frequency that will pass thru the body completely. The Rife machines were amplitude modulated/ AM transmitters, FM didn't come along until the first Patent in 1933 and by then Rife systems were around so they were AM or Rife would have been the Inventor.

We don't have any Rife machines to actually run tests on so we don't really know what they produced as to energy types and patterns. Something it's important to remember that Rife himself may not have known what all was causing the effects that he was getting. This is actually very common in fringe R/ D in a virgin field, you know how to build it but you don't know what all it does

The whole FDA infatuation with Rife is long past having any real effect on the field as the basics are very available. RF amps, computers and frequency generators can easily be assembled into machines beyond anything Rife could imagine.

Actually, the FDA wall seems to be crumbling from the top down and not from the Rife crowd itself. When you look at the systems and technology that is actually FDA approved and there are a number of them, it's obvious that "RIFE" actually does work.

NanoKnife used for cancer is a great example, they had to start in europe to get around the FDA and then back to the US. While they use direct contact to pass the RF thru the cells, the current hot method is to actually beam the signals using novel antenna into the body to damage the nuclei using nano/ Gigahertz and sub-nano pulses. They use multiple very small antennas to focus on the internal cancer.

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