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Cancer & Static

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Let’s talk about static electricity and using it for Cancer treatment.

We’re all familiar with getting a static spark or shock at some time. Tri Star Plasma Systems produce static electricity and can be used to send pulses thru the body similar to an FDA approved device for cancer called Novocure and general Body Charging for improved Health.

All of the Tri Star devices that use Plasma are powered by High Voltage pulses of microampere current. While this energy is DC it is also pulsed so first off it is current limited which means that while it is DC it has very low actual current and is considered harmless, the energy comes in pulses and is not On continuously.

Because it is polarized, you can actually charge up your body to several thousand volts of either Positive or Negative electrostatic energy or you can send the pulses thru your body in specific directions like from your shoulder to your hand.

TTF/ Tumor Treating Fields:

While this is discussed elsewhere, Novocure/ FDA approved is not Frequency based but uses pulsed static voltage fields using a Unique Method (multiple Patents) for treating cancers. The device takes advantage of the susceptibility of cancer cells when they are dividing. Cancer cells appear more susceptible to these energy fields then normal cells.

Based on the fact that cancer cells are distinguished by their much higher rate of cell division and multiplication, the Novocure uses moderate frequency (~200KHz) pulses of static electricity to scramble and damage the dividing cells. This selectively reduces their number compared to slow dividing normal cells. This is a fairly new Tech and it is very hot right now and is being used with chemo for improved results.

The Tri Star R VI can duplicate their devices fairly close by using an EXT ~ 200 KHz frequency and the Transfer films we sell. Their process is based on what is called ‘dielectric transfer’ or commonly as ‘capacitive coupling’, they use solid dielectrics while we use thin films that cover large areas and are very flexible.

Body Charging:

It is well known that Negative ion fields give people a sense of well-being and air ionizers along with electrostatic air purifiers are common products. If you charge yourself to several KV of negative voltage you in effect become a negative air ionizer or purifier. The output voltages on the Tri Star Systems range from 4 > 6 KVDC/ open circuit depending upon the Model which is the range of air ionizers and purifiers.

Electrofield Therapy:

The Novocure device is the poster child for the terms TTF and Electrofield Therapy but there are a number of other applications including blood pressure, cell stimulation and metabolic rates. There is solid data on increasing the resting metabolic rate by improved oxygen delivery by an average of 23% ^ 38%. They used 50 Hz @ 2 > 9 KV for 30 minutes for 2 weeks. They used a large area film very similar to the Transfer films sold by Tri Star.


Electrofield Therapy/ TFF:


Body charging:

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