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Best Frequencies to Use

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

At Earth Glows we don't include programs with our systems for several reasons. First, we're not a Bio lab - we build the hardware like Pulsars and the accessories. These systems and tools are developed to give investigators and explorers the tools that they need to start on the path.

We have heard from users that FreX16 out of AU is a good system especially for Lyme. We find their '16 system to be a good base to start from. Most FreX is around audio range so it's well suited for the XL Series and for the custom programing there are a number of specialized groups available.

For the higher frequencies and cancer we suggest the FQ ranges used by current FDA approved systems and the latest NIH research. We are very familiar with the FDA and use that only as a basic filter. The NIH we reference a lot as a good source with International links.

There are any number of different programs out there that claim to work. Problem is that Rife type FQ does work but it's early yet and we don't know the details. So to start use known areas - look for results - make notes and adapt.

While we have a lot of hard data from users over the last 5 years and the full FDA/ CDRH, we are very limited to what we can advise without drawing attention from legal people.

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