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A Highly Polarized View

Here at Earth Glows we're Big advocates of polarities because it all goes back to balances like Yin & Yang, our worlds are all about polarities - hot/ cold, up/ down & forward/ backward.

Magnetic polarities can influence a wide variety of life forms in very large numbers and distances across the Planet - migrating specials from birds to butterflies cross huge distances and often fly in dark/ overcast conditions.The well known use of PEMF magnets for pain especially back pain is widely accepted as is the TENS devices which use very different Energies for the same purpose of pain relief.

At Earth Glows we can combine both Energy types in the same treatment using our MagStrobes and Transfer films to produce both a Magnetic and an Electrostatic pulse at the same instant. If we include a Plasma we can charge the Mags and surrounding tissue to ~ 1000 volts of either positive or negative energy which will flip very fast when the Plasma conducts. So a body wide electrostatic field along with the polarized Magnetic fields.

We designed the MagStrobe devices to generate highly polarized fast magnetic pulses that either expand or contract across a flat wide area like a pancake that has a spiral field with a strong North/ South Polar fields.

The Magnetic fields generated using the Mag XL are strong enough to move a simple camping compass from several inches away and measure a consistent field up to 6" away.

By simply flipping the MagStrobe over you can reverse the polarity of the field flowing thru your body.

If you reverse the power jacks you can switch from a contracting magnetic field to an expanding field. Users - mostly women - feel that they can easily feel the difference

The MagStrobes are very Unique because you can literally be inside of the magnetic. When you use the dual Mags accessory you have a choice of (4) different Magnetic polarities across your body.

When you place a MagStrobe mat on either side of your body - you are in the center of the magnetic field and you can make the field directional thru you as North/ South, South/ North or you can use the same polarity of say North/ North or South/ South magnetic fields.

You can place a mat on your chest and lay on the other across your back and cover your trunk or you can go both sides of an arm or end-to-end by placing the mats near the throat and lower legs.

In a lot of ways a MagStrobe is like the Solar wind - a collection of different energy fields each with their own frequency and effects on the body but all working together to form a single system of Energies.

A System of Energies that both our Minds and Bodies need to be in order.

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