Customer Favorite

The MDRV is a simple to use SPV Driver with impressive features!

Featuring (2) 6"/ 15cm Plasma tubes - Blue & Green.

> Select between single Tube either color or both Tubes On.

> Built in 10 hour battery for Complete Freedom of Experience.

Perfect for out & away privacy in Nature!

> Pre-set 40 Hz or 0 > 150 KHz.

40 Hz is a simple switch!

Complete control over SPV operation. Transfers the Plasma settings on the MDRV directly into the Visor

> Simple toggle switch operation. All settings saved on power off.

The MDRV is a Great Simple to use driver for exploring current Alzheimer's research around the 40 Hz & related frequencies.

The adjustable frequency generator is perfect for searching around the low end Brain waves from 0 > 150 Hz  The adjustable intensity of the pulses are Excellent for deep meditation around the Schumann Resonance.