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Lasers & Rife - Into the Abyss II

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Now I know I’m going to get a load of static over this blog so I’m putting my creds out first that I have background on the subject.

I started in pulsed gas lasers back in ’76. My Fav Patent is #4, 201,953 – A Man Portable Pulsed megawatt UV Laser using Faster-then-Light Plasma Ignition with helical Magnetic fields. I also did a lot of work with Pharma and the FDA for anti-counterfeiting of Pharma products – Patent #7, 375, 739 using Unique Laser generated symbology for Track & Trace of FDA regulated products. Lasers and drugs are both regulated by the FDA.

I know the FDA and regs very well and I have a special perspective on how Rife was treated. Gordon Gould, Inventor of the laser had a major battle with the US Gov over his Patent (see below - 'Patent Wars – Gould'), they took away his Patent and after almost 20 years of fighting he got it back with a fresh 17 YR clock on it. And the blood ran deep that day in the Laser Industry! He went after everyone for his 5%, I remember talking to CEO’s of $20M companies that were going to go under as they didn’t pay into the kitty for 15 years of royalties and when the tab came due the doors started slamming shut. In a lot of ways similar to Rife’s treatment but with Patents and vindication (in his lifetime).

From a Laser viewpoint Rife technology is very simple, it’s basically a modulated radio/ RF signal that is used to convey frequency patterns into cells and bacteria. Rife used the RF to energize a gas discharge tube into producing a plasma using the RF carrier and then he modulated the carrier with specific frequencies.

Tesla was an early proponent of gas Plasma devices and used them a lot in demonstrations he put on. He was active into the late 1920’s so Rife would have been using the latest innovations with RF and plasma tubes. FM radio was Patented in 1933 so Rife systems are AM radios and lasers using Quantum Mechanics were 30 years in the Future.

We know that frequency patterns work on Humans, there are a number of well-known devices that are FDA approved like TENS and especially for cancer (Novocure, Nanoknife) and cutting-edge cancer research (Nano/ Pico pulse). So, a lot of the claims by Rife actually are being used today.

Lasers & Rife

I have always felt that Rife himself didn’t fully understand the nature of the energies he was generating just as Tesla didn’t either and this is because of the Plasma they were generating with gas discharges.

Plasma being the 4th State-of-Matter is a strange animal and Quantum Mechanics was the big Unknown for both of them. QM didn’t really get going until the mid- 1920’s and then only among the geekiest of the Geeky, it was just theory then – no lasers.

Basically, back then you would look at a gas discharge and say ’Neon glows orange and Argon glows blue’, people didn’t know what caused the actual spectral line of orange or blue. It took QM to come along and explain how photons worked and the why of Atomic Spectra.

The whole Rife Universe can be pretty confusing with all the various hype, but if you wash out the ad nonsense and just look at what was available then and what is being used today, it’s pretty simple stuff.

Where you get into dark waters is over Big Unknowns like Plasma which has very little data on good effects on Bio’s, only the Bad effects. What I think about is the actual plasma mixture and the device constructs.

Specialty gases for Pharma and Lasers are super tight like 0.001% on purity and a lot of gas lasers use gas mixes with only .001% of a specific gas to operate. I have doubts that Rife was using any gases of ultra-high purity in the 1920’s. Outgassing on the glass containing the gas effects plasma and so does the physical shapes.

All lasers require extremely precise physical construction, or they won’t work. Rife could have been using physical designs for the glass that caused oscillations in the plasma that he wasn’t aware of.

Going on 100 years after Rife was experimenting on Bio’s, we need to look a lot deeper into things like plasma and what you get from combining energy fields. While people using Rife devices may not have been exposed to any high voltage/ static fields, they could have been exposed to various radiation emitted by the plasma device like visible and UV light and easily soft X-rays. While we may have a lot better understanding of what he was working with we don’t know what all was in the effects he produced.

A point to remember when killing a Bio – you have to destroy it faster than it can reproduce. If you go for a fast 100% kill, you’ll probably cause a lot of collateral damage. You also need to cover the entire body when doing the treatment, if you leave any pockets they will explode.

Rife used RF energy to get his message across to the cells and bacteria throughout the Body as a whole. At Earth Glows we also use the full body approach thru electrostatic fields and combine that with magnetics and visible photons so we actually cover more Energy type interactions then Rife was using.

But for sure we're missing stuff we need, maybe colloids or Unicorns?

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