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Plasma & Mag XL Manuals


The XL Series Drivers offer easy operation across the Magnetic & Plasma Energy fields. These systems have low end frequency generators that cover the 0 > ~ 1000 Hz range and will run much higher frequencies using an External frequency generator.

For the Mag XL units, using a Nano MagStrobe & External generator you can pulse into the MHz range with usable power. However you will burn the Nano MagStrobe out at 

For the Plasma systems the usable External frequency range extends to ~ 100 KHz. 


Set-up and operation of the XL Series is very simple.

First insert the accessory plugs into the unit's jacks. For Mag XL units you have to follow the color coding of the plugs and jacks to make sure you have the Magnetic polarity and the spiral direction of your choice. The MagStrobes carry instructions regarding both polarity and spiral orientation.

Second plug the power supply into an outlet and set the controls for the frequency range and the frequency source you want to use.

Finally simply turn the unit on and adjust for the frequency or source that you want to use.