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Fall House Cleaning

STARTS 11/ 10

Covid - we need to expand our research into Bio Electronics - we already know the limits of the Pharma side.

Earth Glows, in 2020 we introduced major New Tech like Bifilar & ZPE and now nsPEF systems coming out.

So, we are cleaning out the old to make room for the new and several Top systems at clearance pricing and accessories.

Tri Star 3 – Plasma & Magnetic pre-set Pulsar.


The TS 3 is a pre-set (2) frequency Plasma & Magnetic Pulsar designed to provide the

Schumann Resonance frequency of ~ 8 Hz and the 40 Hz that is used in

Alzheimer’s research as a process to reduce the Beta amyloid plaque in the brain.

The Schumann frequency is the frequency of choice for meditation.

At the first MIT report, research into ALZ went into 40 Hz visual/ light pulses and then cooled.

Current data suggests a continuing link between the amyloid and research has expanded.

We provide a complete system with a 12” Plasma (color your choice) and a MagStrobe. You can use the Mag Strobe And the Plasma at the same time! When we first introduced this system, we did not have that ability. This unit will drive Dual 12’/ 30cm Plasma.

Mag XLD – Magnetic pulsar.


This unit has been discontinued as it is now the BETA Channel of the RPM dual channel Pulsar. It is a 0 > 150 KHz (Internal) with EXT input – useable cutoff 1.6 MHz. The unit comes as a complete package with either, (1) Quad MagStrobe or (2) Twin MagStrobes. For more information please refer to the RPM product pages. This unit will drive multiple large area magnetics and the New Bifilar Mag Series.

ZPE Bifilar MagStrobe.


Dual winding with EXT input and power LED indicator.

This unit has been discontinued and replaced by newer Bifilar Systems coming soon.

These are all new units and carry 100% warranties

- limited number of 4 or less

Earth Glows is a subsidiary of Andromeda Laser ( 1976 - ~ 2016) which specialized in International Laser R/ D for 40 years.

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