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Cambridge University announces Important ALZ info concerning Tau protein

Very recently released report from Cambridge University/ UK follows the development of Tau proteins in the Human brain over extended periods. The Tau and Beta amyloid proteins are believed to possibly cause ALZ, Parkinson's and related neurological disorders. This follows and supports the MIT/ Cognito Therapeutics development of a device to treat ALZ, now in final Phase III FDA approval. The Cognito Phase II showed an 84% reduction in the progression of ALZ, Phase III is expected by years end and then commercialization will open.



Just the basics to get started

Visor's are popping up & many more are coming very soon.

A "Visor" is a Brainwave Entrainment device & currently has 2 main uses, one old and the other very recent.

Visors use light pulses to enhance brain waves in specific bands like Alpha, Beta and Gamma bands.

The oldest use is for an aid to deep meditation in the Theta (3-9 Hz) & Alpha (8-12 Hz) for Astral & OBE.

The 8 Hz is the most common starting frequency for deep meditation and is also the Earth's heartbeat, the Schumann Resonance which is a World Wide frequency caused by lightening across the Planet.

The recent excitement is over the MIT results of several years back that 40 Hz light pulses seemed to reduce plaque in the brain which is associated with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and related neurological issues. The MIT device has evolved into a FDA Phase III device with expected release in the near future. Research by other Labs have shown effects of specific frequencies & patterns on select cytokines.

Visors represent actual effects on Brain chemistry using simple light & sound pulses.

Electronic Medicines



Take a turn on the S Drive & the  MindScape

True Stereo dual independent channels of Color & Light!

Full color tints for Visor & Driver.

Dual 0 > 150 KHz frequency W/ adj. power.

10 Hr battery & Solar recharge panel - no wires!

Perfect Travel Companion for those 'between the pages'

Full Performance for any Stereo Entrainment environments.



SPV & MDRV Travel Packages!



The Stereo Plasma Visor/ SPV is a head mounted visor with a lot of Tech.

Designed to train & facilitate the Mind/ Body melding using

Visual, Magnetic and Electric Field stimulation together.

Unique View-Thru design allows easy 'Open Eye' approach to

40 Hz ALZ entrainment &  for deep Meditation/ Schumann Resonance

Pre-set 40 Hz is a click away for easy Alzheimer's research. User choice of pre-set frequency

In the Visor, we use Blue as the top plasma & Green as the lower tube.


Unlike LED displays, the SPV generates both strong Visual colors &

E fields from the Plasma that easily radiate thru the upper body region,

Magnetic & color filter options are available.

> Dual 15cm Plasma tubes mounted in Visor

> Matching Plasma tubes mounted in the MDRV

> Multi-mode operation - single or dual tube operation

> Stereo Plasma - each Visor and (S) Driver Plasma has separate frequency input.

We use  Cold Cathode Plasma tubes for extended Lifespan in Blue & Green.


The MDRV is a simple to use SPV Driver with impressive features!

Featuring (2) 6"/ 15cm Plasma tubes - Blue & Green.

> Select between single Tube either color or both Tubes On.

​> Built in 10 hour battery for Complete Freedom of Experience.

Perfect for out & away privacy in Nature!

​> Factory pre-set frequency of your choice from 1 > 150 KHz.

8 Hz or 40 Hz is a simple switch!

Complete control over SPV operation. Transfers the Plasma settings on the MDRV directly into the Visor

> Simple toggle switch operation. All settings saved on power off.

The MDRV is a Great Simple to use driver for exploring current Alzheimer's research around the 40 Hz & related frequencies.

The adjustable frequency generator is perfect for searching around the low end Brain waves from 0 > 150 Hz  The adjustable intensity of the pulses are Excellent for deep meditation around the Schumann Resonance.



RPM R.jpg

The RPM Series is a (2) Channel Multi Energy Pulse Driver for Plasma, Magnetic, Static.

Designed to provide different Energy types at different frequencies from different inputs.

>The RPM Series is designed for the NanoStrobe nanosecond pulse & ZPE Plasma & Magnetic Energy systems.

The ZPE are Plasma & Magnetic devices that use Tesla/ Bifilar – Litz – and other Techs.

The RPM Series uses Channels that run different Modules depending

upon the output frequency/ voltage & amperage required.

Currently, these Modules are:

META: ^6 KVDC > ~ 500 KHz, Microamp (RIFE – Plasma & Magnetic)

BIO: 12 VDC @ 1.6 MHz, 2 ampere (PEMF/ Astral – Magnetic) 

BIO P2: ^4 KVDC @ > 50 KHz, Base Pulse: ~ 29 KHz (Zapper)

 0 > 100% Duty cycle, Plasma & PlasMag Driver (PEMF/ Astral)

Each Channel has Timer & Frequency Generator

& (2) External inputs – amplified & Direct.


The Program


The Human body is an incredibly complex system. The Brain is like a castle - isolated and protected from the surrounding body but in control.

Is there a backdoor into the castle? A fast hack into the Master Program?

Entrainment offers some shortcuts to the codex.