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Tri Star PEMF RIFE Energy Systems



Plasma - Magnetic - Static

The Rogue 6 can pulse different Energy types at the same instant in Time.
FluxMag and DBL Plasma - 1st picture set is Milligauss, 2nd is Static volt/ meter, 10 KHz EXT signal.



With our Dual T and Q Mag units you can immerse yourself in a sea of  Polar Magnetic fields.
Choose the polarity And the position to fine tune your Magnetic Aura and add a pulse for flavor.
#1 XL Mag w/ dual T Mags/ Mag XL w/ dual Q Mags/ Q Mag beams out full scale 6" Polar.
Bottom - no power North up - power on front side - rear side of Q Mag
Visit our Highly Polarized blog for more ideas!



The Tri Star  family of pulsed PEMF and RIFE type Energy Drivers are based on a simple concept. Provide  a wide choice of low-priced Systems that cover the (3) available Energy fields: Magnetic, Plasma/ Photon & Electromotive/ Static.

Our XL PEMF Series provides a Magnetic and a Plasma based Pulsar that features an internal frequency generator for the PEMF frequencies along with EXT triggering for higher and complex frequency programs. Both Series offer a range of Magnetic and Plasma emitters from simple single units to large area multiple emitters with much higher energy levels.

The Mag XL Series is designed to drive magnetic pads and large area arrays while the Plasma XL is a High Voltage electrostatic Pulsar for driving  multiple 30 cm Plasma emitters and body charging using the Transfer films and hand contact devices. 

The Tri Star Rogue VI is the culmination of over 5 years work on a low-cost RIFE device that spans all (3) of the Energy types in a single device.

The R VI produces High Frequency/ High Voltage Electrostatic pulses of Positive and Negative polarities. These pulses can be directed across and thru the body as polarized pulses or used to energize the Plasma & Magnetic emitters.

Designed to drive multiple - different Energy emitters, you can run all (3) energy types at the same Time. This Unique ability to power different Energy emitters from the same power source dramatically increases the user’s choice of which energy type works best for their needs. You don’t have to compute apples to fish, just what energy type and frequency works best and use that to start fine tuning your results.

The R VI is the most versatile PEMF RIFE device available offering all 3 energy types in the same controller.

Whenever I hear someone say 'that can't work, our physics say it's impossible', I realize they have never worked with Quantum Mechanics, we don't actually know what ~ 95% of the Universe is made of - after 40 years in Plasma Lasers you learn Respect for QM! 



Tri Star Systems enable you to be a Master Brewer using all 3 Energy types to pump it up for that perfect Harmony between Mind and Body.

Now you can brew at a specific Energy Frequency using Magnetic and Plasma emitters for that added twist of flavor and energy!

Then use that frequency specific blend the next Time you Travel.

Check out our Colloids section and the R VI units for details.