Tri Star MAG XLD PEMF Systems

Tri Star MAG XLD PEMF Systems

Tri Star Mag XLD


The Tri Star Mag XLD breaks the speed barrier with touch tuning of 0 > 150 KHz using the on-board frequency & duty cycle controls in addition to High Power.


Using an external frequency generator will get you into RIFE country with a solid 1 MHz magnetic field of .1 Gauss @ ~4"/ 10cm. Or just simple 'turn the compass needle' to get wide area High Power & High Frequency across your body.


The Mag XLD comes with a choice of the (4) coil Quad or the dual T Mags for front to back or side to side complete body coverage. The Mags emit a field that extends for 4 - 5" out from the pulsars to give full Energies thru the thickness of the body.


Combined with the Unique  Z Pinch design, each MagStrobe has full North/ South magnetic polarity to offer the user all possible choices in magnetic field design.


All Tri Star systems can be driven from the audio output jack of most computers & laptops.  


The Mag XLD features a simple internal frequency generator of 0 > 150 KHz and an adjustable duty cycle of 0 > 100%. The adjustable duty cycle allows you to tune the Maags for optimum performance at different frequencies as you move from PEMF into RIFE frequency ranges.


The most popular frequencies that customers use is 100Hz which is the common frequency of TENS devices and is popular for pain relief and the very popular band of 4 > 12 Hz for the Schumann Resonance which has been increasing of late but is considered around 7.83 Hz.


The Schumann frequency band is very popular because it is centered on the border of the Alpha & Theta brain wave frequencies and is considered a starting Portal for ESP and Astral research.

Complete Package!


The Tri Star Mag XLD ships with everything you need to explore magnetic fields.

(1) Mag XLD unit complete

(1) Choice of Quad or dual Twin MagStrobes

(1) wall power supply

(1) Basic start up manual

Price: $199 

    $179.00 Regular Price
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